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Artistic & Fine Art Photography

This is an old post from my old web site from around 2008 and has just been moved to this new web site today – Dec 31, 2016. This never really got finished and I haven’t done that today either!

This is where I originally started when I decided I wanted photography to be more than just a hobby! I came up with the name “Natural Places Photography” during this process and the name has stuck, even though I have branched out into wedding and portrait photography. I am enjoying being a people photographer now as well as photographing the natural beauty of the world we live in.

I’ve put together a collection of my artistic and outdoor photography for sale.  So check it out and let me know what you think.  Some of these images are in more than one gallery.   I can arrange shipping for you if you are not in the Vancouver area, if you are I can deliver these in person.

These prints are all done on canvas, so they are ready to hang with no framing required.  Contact me for pricing information (at some point I will put together and post a price list)

You can see the images in the following gallery – Art prints for sale:

Along with the art prints I have for sale in the above link, I’ve also created some themes to collect my photography into.
The first is “Water Colors”. This is a collection of photographs where water is the central theme – colorful water that is. Many of the them are reflections and are very quiet and peaceful. This is my favorite collection due to the fact I love water so much!

Next is the “Garden”. A lot of these photographs have been shot at Van Dusen gardens in Vancouver, BC. But in general they are scenes from various gardens I have visited and not just flower images.

The rest I’ve grouped under “Miscellaneous” for now.

You can see these galleries below.



“Water Colours” gallery:


“Garden” gallery:


Miscellaneous gallery:

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