Golden Ears park – Gold Creek Falls trail

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On a beautiful sunny day in February I headed over to Golden Ears Park to hike up to the water falls.  This trail is also referred to as the lower falls trail.  The trail to the lower falls is only 2.8km and is super easy and family friendly.  The trail winds through the forest for the most part but there are a few places where it opens up and you can really enjoy the sunshine.  I highly recommend it, get there early because the parking is limited and it fills up.  Oh and one more thing, don’t be too late going home as the park closes the gates early in the winter – check the time before you leave home.

So my goal for the day was to find the upper falls.  Since the trail is always referred to as the “lower falls trail” I thought surely there must be an “upper falls”.  It’s not well known and I didn’t find anything published in the official park material and signs.  At the end of the trail by the lower falls you basically head off into the woods up the steep slope.  I did find the falls but the trail goes from really easy to a bit sketchy.  It is marked with flagging but it’s a lot more difficult.  And it’s not family friendly, don’t be taking your kids up to the upper falls.  I’ll take a moment that people have died here at the lower and upper falls.  Don’t fall for the temptation to go for a swim above the waterfalls, now that’s what I call evolution for the stupid.

The water was pretty high, if you’ve only been there in the summer it looks a lot different.

I’m starting to play around with shooting some video as well…  including figuring out how to process it and get it so everyone can view it.  Here’s my first attempt, we’ll see how well this works.

The videos are uploaded in full HD (1080p) so you can change the settings to 1080p and view in full screen. There are photos below the videos, be sure to scroll down to see them!

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