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TO DO – pictures of tires. With samples of size, speed rating and date codes.

Trailer tires are kind of boring… they just carry the trailer and to a large extent are forgotten. Until they fail, and they can cause a lot of damage. Ever heard of the term “China Bomb”? That’s what a lot of folks in the trailer community call the cheap tires installed on most travel trailers. I leave it to your imagination what that means but it’s not good. Just google “china bomb tires” if you want to learn more.

The first thing I learned about tires is how long they last, even if not used a lot. The experts make a lot of claims, a lot say 5 years but it also depends on the quality of the tire, and how many miles driven each year. Do your research and find out what you are comfortable with when it comes to the life of your tires. My tires were 8 years old when I replaced them at the start of the season in June 2021, which meant I got just over seven years of use (the trailer sat quite a bit longer due to covid 19 that year). My trailer tires had a lot of tread left and looked fine even then, but it gave us peace of mind to replace them.

Trailer tires are “ST” type tires, there are some who swear by “LT” tires as well but never put regular car/SUV tires on! Another interesting thing I learned about ST tires is the speed rating. You can google about learning how to read your tire’s speed rating but it is common for trailer tires to not have a speed rating. Which means 65mph! This is the most common speed rating for trailer tires. How many times have you seen a trailer ripping by you on the freeway going a lot faster than that. It’s no wonder the tires blow up, combined with the poor quality chinese tires.

So the next question is, what tires did I end up buying? Obviously I didn’t want those cheap chinese tires, so I did some research to find tires manufactured right here in North America. And I only found one, the Goodyear Endurance trailer tire – it comes with great reviews! I ended here buying them at Fountain Tire. I got lots of great advice from this guy who recommends these tires highly – Love Your RV. The manufacturer link is here. Right now as of this writing in December 2021 with all the supply chain challenges you’ll likely have difficulty getting your hands on these tires as I think demand is quite high.

TO DO pictures and how to read tire date codes.

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