Travel trailer top 5 things!

For myself these are my top 5! And 4 out of the 5 of them relate to safety.

Here they are in no particular order

  1. Tires. I closely inspected the tires at the dealer when I bought it, and in June 2021 I replaced the tires. Read about my thoughts about tires here.
  2. Bearings
  3. Brakes
  4. Suspension
  5. Leaks. You absolutely have to keep on top of this the whole time you own the rig. If there is evidence of leaks in an RV you are considering purchasing you need to know that’s really, really expensive and difficult to fix the damage caused by leaking. Walk away or get the right price. I know someone who got a good deal on a fifth wheel with some delamination visible, a few years later he went to sell it and found out during that process it will cost more to fix than the trailer is worth.

I know I said 5 but in the spirit of safety here’s a bonus item. Make sure your smoke detector, propane detector and carbon monoxide detector are installed, working correctly and regularly test. It could easily save your life. We have one gas detector near the propane appliances (the stove, fridge & furnace are all right next to each other in our rig). And then we have 2 smoke detectors and 2 CO detectors, one each in the main living area and the other in the bedroom.

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